Perfecto presents Adam White

Paul Oakenfold has given UK based dj and producer Adam White the accolade of “one of Britain’s biggest stars” and chosen him to compile and mix the new album on Perfecto Records.

When an album comes along which is this well produced it is required listening for fans of dance music.

It is one of those albums which you should hear – at least the first time – not rushing around, sat on a noisy train, or pounding away in the gym.  You need to hear it without extraneous distractions.

The album opens with a track by Nat Monday who has worked with Perfecto since the early days and has remixed the likes of Jan Johnston, Pharrell Williams, David Guetta and Planet Perfecto.  Listen out for the slightly mysterious male vocal.

Track 2 is by Italian duo Matteo Curcio and Marinella Mastrosimone working as Musetta.  The mix into the track is ingenious and it’s guaranteed to hook you.

Track 3 – Wish You Were Here – is by Detroit based dj and producer Kenneth Thomas who has described the progressive styles of electronic dance music on display here as “the most amazing sound I have ever encountered.”

White’s own vocal mix of Jan Johnson’s Sleeping Satellite ups the pace and clearly reveals his interest in big room trance.

By track 5 the album is well into it’s stride with galloping beats in the form of Infused by Barry Jay from Ballymena in Northern Ireland.  The Big Room mix created by White and used here will appeal to clubbers everywhere.

Robert Vadney provides the classical influenced Fallen Angel’s Symphony which starts gently but evolves into full on peak time trance.

The pacing becomes important here with gentle passages contrasting well with euphoric hands in the air sections.  This is definitely one of the stand out tracks on the album.

Impeccably segueing into Feel The Magic by Outer Sunset, White expertly calms the excitement of the previous track as only a talented and sensitive dj can.

DJ turns producer for the next track- Chimera – which has an anthemic quality typical of White’s production work.

This is followed by a collaboration with Nat Monday called Another Dominant Force and features a driving male vocal.

The final track – Cloud Factory – is by Ken Loi and Sean Beckwith producing as Eluciate and echoes the big room trance from earlier in the album with a slightly harder musical twist.

In these days when many people have unfortunately become reluctant to pay for music, Perfecto presents Adam White is an excellent example of an album worth paying for.

It is obvious that a great deal of time has been spent and care taken by the artists in creating each track.

Adam White has used his creativity and skills learned as a dj to craft this album sensitively choosing, mixing and shaping this set to ensure it is a rewarding listen.  It’s an intelligent piece of work and demands attention and you’ll find yourself listening over and over again.

Perfecto presents Adam White will be available on iTunes on 2 February 2010.

Adam White
Adam White is one of the only Perfecto artists in the UK

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