It is hugely disappointing to hear that the London club Matter has been forced to shut down because of heavy losses.

The club has struggled after engineering works closed the Jubilee line at the weekends making it difficult to get to and from the venue.

This follows a recent announcement that Buddha Bar on the Embankment has gone into receivership and the news that Ministry Of Sound is fighting developers who want to build near the venue.

Over the last few years nightclubbing in the capital has been badly hit by the recession and the closure of some of the most well-known clubs.

Unfortunately, this has also been reflected throughout the UK with many venues closing down and music festivals being cancelled.

This represents a huge loss for the clubbers who are so passionate about music and having a good time as well as the entertainment and music industries.

There is some hope, however, as Matter may reopen later in the year and I wish founders Keith Reilly and Cameron Leslie luck with re-launching the venue.

All over the world people are finding times very hard. Nightclubs and music festivals offer the opportunity to relax and unwind and immerse yourself in music. They offer a brief period to escape everyday life and maybe dream of a world which might be better for everyone.

I think the chance to dream and emerge with some hope for the future of us all is – in this day and age – a matter of some importance.