I’m going to let Tony from Above & Beyond tell you about this:

“We all read about the Detroit Urban Farms project and saw the documentaries and it really moved us all. To see a community reclaiming the crumbling city blocks to grow the food they need is an incredible story in so many ways. It was moving, topical and also a beautiful and apt illustration of what the song is actually about – triumph over adversity. As a video concept it was perfect from all angles.”

The video is directed by Steve Glashier who has made videos for Fatboy Slim and Juliette Lewis but the real stars are the Georgia Street Community Collective and the Detroit community who have united to transform their local surroundings.

As part of their 2011 US tour Above & Beyond will be playing a Detroit charity gig to raise money for the Georgia Street Community Collective’s current projects which include building a community lab and neighbourhood library.

Above & Beyond – some of the nicest men in trance.