Take a look at this amazing video:

This is Armin van Buuren’s stunning new show Armin Only – Mirage.

Just look at the faces of the crowd, the dancers, the lights, the fireworks, the entire theatrical experience.

Why is no one in the UK doing this?

I know that dance music – particularly trance – is much more popular in Europe. There were over 15,000 people at this concert in the Netherlands earlier this month.

In fact, dance music is much more popular in many other countries.

So why is it not better supported in the UK?

A vicious circle has developed.

Radio stations have stopped playing dance music and it has become a dirty word in the UK media – constantly associated with irresponsible drug taking.

As a result lots of people – except the passionate few – have stopped buying dance tracks so record labels have stopped producing it.

Club promoters, already having a tough time with the economic situation, have limited the number of dance djs they are willing to put on in their venues.

And so dance music – and particularly trance – is not receiving the audience it has in so many other countries.

I think that is a huge loss to the UK music scene.