On 7 March 2011 Above & Beyond are releasing Sun & Moon – the first single from their second artist album.

Sun & Moon packshot

The song features vocals by Richard Bedford who also appeared on Above & Beyond’s debut album Tri State.

Above & Beyond have developed into hugely respected djs and producers with a dedicated following across the world.

In 2010 they played the closing set in the Dance Village at the 40th anniversary of Glastonbury; performed in front of 60,000 people at the Electric Daisy Carnival in Los Angeles; headlined the Cream & Radio 1 Ibiza event at Privilege in Ibiza and, by the end of the year, were the no. 1 global trending topic on Twitter.

Sun & Moon is the first release from their eagerly anticipated artist album Group Therapy.

One of the trio – Tony McGuinness – has said of the new single: “Sun & Moon is really Alone Tonight part 2. It’s a break up song, but with a twist, namely the idea that even though relationships end in the physical world they live on in your memory forever.”

“The original piece of music it was written over is a gorgeous naked arpeggio piece called Mist that Jono and Paavo cooked up years ago and, thinking about it now, Sun & Moon has had possibly the longest gestation of any of our songs.”

“We played another mix of it in our live show in Beirut two years ago but the current mix, with a massive riff, is very much a product of our recent Group Therapy sessions.”

Remixes come from Kim Fai, Distance and 7 Skies.

Pete Tong has already dubbed Above & Beyond “the UK’s new dance superstars.”

I’m going to go further and say they are the world’s dance superstars.

I can’t wait to hear the new single.