Back 2 The Future, The Classics 1999-2003 remixed is Cosmic Gate’s retrospective album featuring tracks which shaped the first phase of their musical partnership.

“Wherever we DJ we’re always met with requests to play tracks from the first two Cosmic Gate albums. As time has gone by sounds have changed, music has changed and it’s become progressively tougher to program many of them into our sets. We still love them; the audience still loves them, but in their current form they no longer sit right… so we decided to remedy the situation,” explained DJ Bossi.

Some of the best remixers around including Duderstadt, Jochen Miller, Estiva and Markus Schulz – were brought in to tackle hallowed classics such as Exploration Of Space, Fire Wire, Back To Earth and The Drums.

I can’t wait to hear what they have made of some true classics.

Album packshot

Back 2 The Future, The Classics 1999-2003 Remixed is out now in the usual well known places.