Rielism is Sied van Riel’s first release on Black Hole Recordings.

This album spreads the tempo span wider than usual and features music by Zack Roth, BT, Allure, Lange and Daniel Kandi among a host of other artists.

“With Rielism I want to get across what kind of sounds and range I’m standing for now. In what I guess is a short space of time, there has been a tangible change in what I’m about musically. Compared to my previous releases it’s something new and quite contrasting. It’s intended to be more multiuse; more something that people can put on straight out of work as well as on their way to the club,” said the producer about the new compilation.

CD1 starts off around 127bpm and features atmospheric house with a progressive undercurrent.

CD2 includes big vocal tracks such as Simmons & Blanc featuring Chloe Langley – State Of Emergency and Ronski Speed pres. Sun Decade – U Got Me featuring the voice of Emma Lock.

Rielism is available now from shops and portals.