Alex O’Rion is releasing his debut album on Black Hole Recordings.

“The title is my statement of intent,” he says.

“I want to make music that’ll really find its place in larger and larger spaces. To achieve this I concentrate on condensing as many effects as possible into the audio. I think they combine to fill every corner of dance space that they’re played in – all in order to create the bigger room effect.”

The album starts with the progressive sounding Dragons For Breakfast and the moody Jabberwocky before accelerating pace with tracks such as Craters Of The Moon and Jellyfish.

There are also collaborations with other artists including Cornelis van Dijk and Richard Durand as well as remixes of tracks such as Phunklife – Maniac Psycho and Tempo Giusto – Metropolitan.

The Bigger Room is available now from shops and portals.