Eddie Halliwell

Anyone who has ever heard “Eddie, Eddie, Eddie” shouted on the dance floor knows all about Eddie Halliwell.

“There are people who play records and there are djs who blow minds, Eddie Halliwell is the latter” say Mixmag.

On 25 July 2011, Halliwell is releasing 3 singles – Elements, Neon and Aether – exclusively on Beatport.

He’s also launching a new concept called ED-IT-1.  This will see the release of a series of tracks in separate parts enabling people to remix and re-edit them in the studio or live on stage in their dj sets.

Newly created remixes can then be submitted via Soundcloud for possible release.

To co-incide with the new singles and remix concept Halliwell is also launching a new label called FIUR.

There will be launch parties to celebrate at Mallorca Rocks Hotel on Sunday 24 July, Ibiza Rocks on Monday 25 July, and the Syndicate in Blackpool on Saturday 6 August.

For more information including how to obtain ED-IT-1 parts and submitting remixes check out www.eddiehalliwell.com.


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