This row has been brewing for a while and it has now ended up in court.

The main players in the saga are dj and producer Avicci (real name Tim Bergling), Ministry Of Sound, X-Factor winner Leona Lewis and her record label Syco (part owned by Simon Cowell).

On Monday, the High Court in London is due to hear a plea for an injunction from Avicii who alleges that the instrumental from the new single by Lewis is a copy of one of his own songs.

If the plea is upheld, it will delay release of the song by Lewis – called Collide – which is due on 4 September.

There is a complicated backstory to this which you can read about here.

And it is going to be interesting to see what happens in the High Court.

But having heard both tracks, I have to say I think the Avicii/Ministry version is – quite simply – much better than the Leona/Syco effort.