Weekender is a new film directed by Karl Golden, written by Chris Coghill and presented by Momentum Pictures and Benchmark Films.

It tells the story of 2 friends who take part in the rise of acid house music and the development of rave culture in the UK in the early 1990s.

I was lucky enough to see a screening last night and can report it is well worth a watch.

The story allows you to experience a fascinating period in the history of dance music and clubbing interwoven with a plot involving friendship, love, drugs, violence and youth culture.

There are great performances from the cast including Henry Lloyd-Hughes (who previously appeared in The Inbetweeners) as Matt and particularly from Jack O’Connell (who previously appeared in Skins) as Dylan.

Tom Meeten also does a very funny comic turn as dj Cpt Acid.

The film is accompanied by a soundtrack compiled by Terry Farley and featuring key records from the period including Marshall Jefferson – Move Your Body, Gat Decor – Passion and rave classic Second Phase – Mentasm – which had me shifting in my seat.

A 3 cd album featuring tracks used plus musical inspiration for the film will be available soon from Harmless Recordings.

“This is the soundtrack to more than one generation’s youth and general all round misbehaviour, so we hope you connect with the vibe.  Long may it continue!” says Farley about the new album.

If you are passionate about dance music, fascinated by clubbing history and culture, enjoy a tight plot, and a highly watchable ‘indie-feel’ British movie, see this film when it opens across the UK on 2 September 2011.