This is the debut album by New York based vocalist and singer/songwriter Betsie Larkin.

She is known for work with Ferry Corsten on tracks such as Made Of Love and Feel You.

“When I was looking for collaborators for my last artist album, I listened to literally hundreds of vocalist/songwriters both known and unknown.  The beautiful, dreamy, lush vocals and insightful, intelligent and captivating lyrics of Betsie Larkin completely blew me away.  I knew that she was special” said Corsten.

He then invited her to create a new album for his label Premier, a joint venture between Flashover Recordings and Black Hole Recordings.
She enthusiastically got to work inviting some of the biggest names on the EDM scene to help create tracks.

The result is a 12 track album featuring collaborations with the likes of John O’Callaghan, Super8 & Tab, Lange, Solarstone and Bobina as well as Ferry Corsten himself.

The lyrics of the forthcoming single – The Dream – define the mood of the album.

“I keep chasing the dream.  I keep chasing the fire inside me.  Throw the map on the street.  We’ll find out where this fire was meant to lead…”