The Wake Your Mind packshot

The German dj and production duo Cosmic Gate have released their 5th studio album entitled Wake Your Mind.

It features the recent single The Theme as well as co-productions with international artists such as Arnej, Myon & Shane54 and Andrew Bayer.

There are also vocal collaborations with the likes of Emma Hewitt, Aruna, JES, Cary Brothers and Cathy Burton.

“Wake Your Mind is our collective call-out to the EDM universe.  We want this album to shake up people’s conceptions of our music,” says one half of the duo Nic Chagall.

“And blow the lingering, out-dated misconceptions to pieces!” adds DJ Bossi.

Tracks on the album include Be Your Sound, All Around You, Over The Rainbow, Calm Down and Beautiful Destruction.

Wake Your Mind by Cosmic Gate is available now in all shops and portals.