Pharmacy Music have launched a new mix compilation series called Phase 1.

“You won’t find any rainbows or unicorns here.  This is solid pumping trance designed for the dance floor.  We don’t care about superstar djs and we don’t make cheesy music videos but we will rock you so hard that your teeth will chatter” they report.

The Phase 1 compilation features tracks by John OO Fleming, Sean J Morries, Jonathan Allyn, Cowboy Mike, Fergie & Sadrian, Steve Birch and the man behind the label Christopher Lawrence.

Lawrence has won numerous awards, played at some of the world’s biggest festivals and remixed artists such as U2 and LMFAO.  He is also a huge supporter of underground trance which is the inspiration behind the new album.

The strapline for the label is “Don’t accept the generic.  Demand the brand.  Pharmacy Music” and the new compilation is out now on Trackitdown, Beatport, iTunes and via stores worldwide.