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For the first episode of 2012 this is appropriately the 12th edition of Trance&.

I know I say this regularly but there really is some truly stunning music in the podcast this month. Artists featured include Bushi, Nery, Oldfix and TranzLift.

And there is what I believe to be the first landmark trance track of 2012. I’ve made you wait until the end of the show to hear it but it is well worth the wait. It is by Hendrik Jelsma from the Netherlands and Immersiv from Australia and the remix is by Peet B from Hungary. It is without doubt absolutely stunning.

The full tracklist of the show is:

Bushi – Perfected Moment (Original mix) (Unearthed Red)
Oren – Winds Of Spring (Blue Tente remix) (Abora Recordings)
Nery – Inesquecivel (Soundlift remix) (Abora Recordings)
Oldfix – Waiting Silence (Mike Demirele remix) (Sorcery Records)
Devilect & John Dubs – Flaming Hearts (UCast remix) (Factual Records)
TranzLift – Iris (Seneta remix) (Pulsar Recordings)
Trance Division – Anticipation (Brett Wood remix) (Direct Drive Recordings)
Hendrik Jelsma & Immersiv – Seems To Be (Peet B remix) (Crystal Source Recordings)

There is beautiful trance from all around the world. Thanks for downloading the show. I hope you enjoy it.