Save dance music on UK national radio logo

After considerable criticism from the audience, Radio 1 have added a new dance show and 2 new dance djs to the schedule.

Danny Howard from Blackpool, who was discovered via a talent search, will present R1’s Dance Anthems on a Saturday between 16.00-19.00.

Established dj and producer Jordan Suckley has been added to the In New DJs We Trust roster and will present the 1 hour show once a month.

Undoubtedly this is a step in the right direction and goes some way toward meeting a few of the aims of my Save Dance Music on UK national radio campaign.

However, there is a way to go.

I still think radio stations should play more dance music, create more dance oriented shows in prime time, playlist more dance tracks, nurture new radio presenting talent, play a greater variety of dance music and create more opportunities for upcoming musicians, djs and record labels to reach a wider audience.

I hope the talented Danny Howard and energetic Jordan Suckley will be supported by a passionate, dedicated and knowledgeable production team who have a genuine passion for the audience.

I also hope they are allowed to play what they want the audience to hear and their playlists are not subject to approval by others.

Both Howard and Suckley now represent dance music at a national level and have a huge responsibility to the industry and loyal dance music fans.

I wish them the very best of luck.