As regular readers of this blog will know I’ve recently been running a campaign to save dance music on UK national radio.

I felt radio stations had downgraded the importance of dance by reducing the tracks played and shows dedicated to genre. I believed this to be a huge loss and a failure to reflect the diversity of the audience.

In February 2012 I was heartened by the announcement that BBC Radio 1 were adding a new dance show and 2 new dance djs to the schedule.

Yesterday, it was announced that BBC Radio 2 had given dj and dance music aficionado Dave Pearce a Saturday night slot.

Both these announcements are a huge leap of faith and show of support for the genre and I commend the BBC.

I would still like to see the playlisting of more dance tracks, further nurturing of new radio presenting talent and a greater variety of dance music played on the radio.

But there can be no doubt these new shows are a massive step in the right direction.

Now, if only commercial radio could have some guts and play more dance music, feature more dance oriented shows and create further opportunities for up-and-coming musicians, djs and record labels to reach a wider audience.

The presenters of these new BBC programmes – Danny Howard, Jordan Suckley and Dave Pearce – now represent dance music at a national level and have a huge responsibility to the industry and loyal dance music fans.

But fans have a responsibility too.

If we want to continue to hear dance music on national radio, if we want to listen to a greater variety of music, if we want to encourage djs, up-and-coming musicians and record labels we have to support these shows.

We have to tweet about them, post on Facebook, email our support and text our track suggestions and stories to really convince the people who control our radio stations that dance music has a passionate, interested and dedicated audience.

I am hugely excited about these new shows and wish the presenters the very best of luck.

Now, dance music fans, it is time to do our bit too.