After countless singles, remixes and an album released under his Progression alias, Daniel Wanrooy now presents his debut solo album Slice Of Life.

Prior to completing this brand new work, Daniel was finalising remix assignments for the likes of The Crystal Method, Super8 & Tab, JES and the Thrillseekers. He also delivered the In Trance We Trust Volume 14 compilation.

Slice Of Life features collaborations with the USA Idols finalist Blake Lewis, Elliot Johns, Emma Lock and Hannah Ray.

“For the project my goal was to work with various sounds in order to create a varied Electronic Dance Music album, with influences of progressive, house, trance and even techno, moving the BPM between 123 and 133. Working with the biggest vocalists in the scene made this an accomplishment of which I am really proud,” says Wanrooy.

The album features tracks including Ocean Terrace, Dog Day Afternoon, Bangalore, White Sands and 4 Days Out.

Daniel Wanrooy’s Slice Of Life is released on 30 April 2012 via CD and download.