Richard Durand focuses the new 10th edition of the In Search Of Sunrise compilation on Australia.

“Australia is a country I’ve wanted to locate an ISOS ever since I took over mixing the series,” he says.

“Its dance music history stretches right the way back to the start of the 90s. However, it is only in the last 3 years that I’ve felt the type of music I spin has gone supernova there. I’m thrilled that I get to pay dues to that here with what I think is a new level high for music on the series.”

The compilation features tracks by Eximinds, Danny Dove, Dimension, Alex O’Rion, Sunny Lax, Norin & Rad and Zoo Brazil across the first 2 discs.

For the first time a 3rd disc has been included in the release package.

“It is an incredible feeling being the ISOS compiler/mixer. This is an experience I would like each and every person to share. That is never going to be possible, of course. But when Black Hole suggested, as part of the 10th release, we did an ISOS all-time classics disc, I did feel there was a way in which I could make it happen for at least one other DJ” says Durand.

The label ran a competition which resulted in thousands of entries for the chance to compile and mix the 3rd CD in the compilation.

Thomas Mengel, a 27 year old Danish DJ, was chosen as the artist best able to capture the In Search Of Sunrise vibe in a live set.

“I’m hugely excited to have won this competition! I really wanted to contribute the perfect selection of classic In Search Of Sunrise tracks. ISOS reminds me of summer, the beach, happiness and tasty cocktails so I wanted to capture that atmosphere. I think by using a lot of beautiful vocal tracks and the fact that mine was a live mix it helped me to catch ISOS’ completely unique feel” he said after finalising his contribution to the release.

In Search Of Sunrise 10: Australia mixed by Richard Durand and featuring a bonus classics disc, mixed by Thomas Mengel, is available now via Beatport and iTunes.

The CD will be released in physical format at the beginning of July 2012 via Fine Night and Amazon.