Screenshot of how the app looks on an iPhone

NightTag is a really cool new free app.

You simply download it to your phone, connect to Facebook and invite your friends to join.

On your night out you can then take a picture while the app listens to the music playing around you.

NightTag then shares your photo, what you are listening to and your location on Facebook in a nice easy post.

Within the app, there is also a streaming page hosting live internet radio including Ferry Corsten’s weekly Countdown podcast.

In selected countries there is a listings page detailing dance music events by venue or on a map so you can easily find somewhere to hang out wherever you are.

NightTag has been created by Olmeca – the No. 1 Tequila brand in Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

It is available now on all iPhone operating systems and versions for Android and Blackberry will go live later this year.

Check out how it works: