This is the 3rd installment in the chillout compilation series compiled by Pedro Del Mar.

There are 17 new cuts, many of them previously unreleased, by artists such as Roger Shah, Bjorn Akesson, Jamie Carpenter, Motif and Sunlounger.

“Playa Del Lounge really means a lot to me,” says Del Mar.

“I have been active in the music industry for 16 years, rushing from gig to gig and meeting to meeting, but one thing is key for me. To make sure that I can escape the busy daily life by working on my annual chillout album.”

“It means that I invest a lot of effort and passion into the project simply because it is such a great experience to check out hundreds or even thousands of downbeat tunes.”

“Think of it as a nice combination of brainstorming and creative music sessions with first class international artists in order to secure exclusive material that matches my vision.”

“As always I didn’t want to limit the musical style to one particular chillout sound. I wanted to showcase the wide range and all facets of ambient, chillout, downbeat, acoustic and other influences and in all modesty I can say that Volume 3 covers them all.”

Sixteen of the tracks are vocal tunes featuring the voices of artists such as Betsie Larkin, Emma Hewitt, Inger Hansen, Ana Criado, Andain and Adrina Thorpe.

There is also a new single by Del Mar himself which is a collaboration with Richard Durand and Roberta Harrison.

Pedro Del Mar presents Playa Del Lounge Vol 3 is available now as a CD via Fine Night and Amazon and to download via Amazon and iTunes.