You Once Told Me is the first official band album by Mavie Marcos and Josh Gabriel otherwise known as Andain.

It features tracks including their most recent single – Turn Up The Sound – and Promises which was released in 2011.

“We blended natural acoustic sounds with electronic percussive ones throughout the album,” explains songstress Mavie.

“We made sure to keep our musical sound pallet, made up of our drum kits and analogue synth sounds, consistent throughout. We thought this would result in the most intricate album for the listener – something that is meant to be listened to in its entirety as a cohesive piece of music – not just a string of singles.”

Andain have previously created anthemic records such as Summer Calling and Beautiful Things.

You Once Told Me is available as a CD via Finenight and Amazon as well as in an exclusive iTunes Deluxe version.

The album is also available to hear on Spotify and to download as an MP3.