This new track by producer Zaxx and vocalist Tiff Lacey entered the Beatport Top 100 within the first 24 hours of release.

It has been supported by the likes of Giuseppe Ottaviani, Shane Halcon, Andrew Rayel and MaRLo.

“I wanted to capture the essence of the South African trance and progressive scene in one track,” says Zaxx, who is based in Johannesburg.

“While creating it I thought about the past gigs I’ve played, both in big arenas and in small venues. The spirit of South African dance music is alive, although somewhat contained, so I thought why not make a track that can extend beyond our borders and show that spirit to the DJs and dance floors of the world.”

Zaxx has performed all across his native South Africa alongside artists such as Markus Schulz, Aly & Fila and Cosmic Gate.

Tiff Lacey is based in London and has collaborated with major names from all over the world including Paul Oakenfold, ATB and Tenishia.

“When Zaxx contacted me about his production he spoke of the essence of the scene and, having worked with South African artists in the past, I knew right away exactly where he wanted to take it.”

“South Africa is a unique country. It is a country that is reaching out globally. It has a scene that knows it is alive but also wants the world to know the same. You can get a sense of that with the simple lyrics I wrote for the track. They represent self-confidence yet are wrapped in a veil of mystery,” she says.

Zaxx & Tiff Lacey – Feel Me (Southern State Music) was released via Beatport on 15 April 2013. It will be released on all other outlets on 29 April followed by a full remix package including one by UK producer Adam White.