Pedro Del Mar has released the 4th installment in his compilation series.

There are 18 tracks including music by Roger Shah, Sunlounger, Hanski, Zoo Brazil, Zetandel and Conjure One.

“For Playa Del Lounge, Vol. 4 it is once again an honour and a pleasure to work with so many great artists who composed and produced all these lovely, exclusive tracks that give the album its unique twist.”

“One of my personal highlights is the opening track by Sunlounger, who is one of the world’s best-selling ambient artists.  His track Today Tonight, featuring famous South African singer, Yoav, is an exclusive teaser from the forthcoming Sunlounger album,” comments Del Mar.

“I usually invest 9 to 10 months in this annual release, which is a lot, but I refuse to simply collect and compile a random selection of tunes.  I always collaborate closely with established artists and fresh new talents from all parts of the world in order to deliver astonishing music that differs greatly from the other high quality chill out projects on the market,” he continues.

Pedro Del Mar presents Playa Del Lounge Vol 4 was released on Black Hole Recordings on 2 July 2013.