Ben Sowton and Sebas Ramis have compiled and mixed a new Purobeach album.

The Purobeach brand was created 10 years ago in Palma Mallorca and since then they have opened some of the most sophisticated beach clubs in the world. Each location – from the Black Sea Coast to Dubai – has a hippy chic vibe and Bohemian spirit and offers total relaxation combined with drinks, food and amazing tunes.

The new album features tracks by artists such as Burudu, James Bright, Jazzloungerz, Phonique and Soul Button and could be the soundtrack to any one of the Purobeach events around the world.

Find out more at or @PuroBeachPalma on Twitter.

Purobeach Volumen Diez will be released on 14 July 2014 on Seamless Records.