Paul Oakenfold

Paul Oakenfold is a thoroughly decent and honourable man who also happens to be a pioneering DJ and truly outstanding producer. He very kindly answered some of my questions in advance of his appearance at the celebrations for clubbing brand Cream’s birthday.

Where are you today?

I’m in Los Angeles in my recording studio.

What are you working on at the moment?

I have just finished work on the new We Are Planet Perfecto album which is out this month. I am really excited about the record and looking forward to hearing what the fans think.

In which countries can we hear your Planet Perfecto radio show? How big is the show these days?

It has just hit 18m people in 56 countries on a weekly basis. That is great reach for electronic music and something I am proud of. It is fantastic to see the global reach dance music is having right now.

Are you working on a new studio album?

I am always working on new music in the studio. I don’t think there is a period where you start and stop working on albums. It is constant – at least for me it is.

Do you have plans to create music for another film?

I haven’t been doing film composing as of late. I have really been enjoying travelling and playing gigs and so have concentrated a lot of my attention back on dj-ing and making music for the clubs.

What is currently hot on your Perfecto record label?

We’ve been focusing on the Fluoro side, which is more underground. We have a big party coming up with Paul van Dyk at the Amsterdam Dance Event and we’ll be showcasing a lot of our other artists there as well.

The dance music scene in America is really vibrant at the moment. Why do you think that might be?

I think it is because the community is young. It has only been the last 5 years that it has become popular and the people really feel like they are part of it. Hopefully it lasts.

Are you looking forward to returning to the UK to play the Cream birthday on 11 October?

I always look forward to returning to my home country and the club where I was resident.

Have you started thinking about your set list yet? Will it feature the classics or reflect your current sound?

Yes, I’ve been thinking quite a lot about the classics that I’ll be playing and the tracks from We Are Planet Perfecto 4 that I’ll be showcasing.

Which other DJs and artists currently on the music scene do you listen to and inspire you?

I put on a yearly party at Burning Man in Nevada. I was very impressed with what Hernan Cattaneo and Nick Warren are doing. I love what Astrix and the Nervo Girls are doing too. The Nervo Girls and Calvin Harris are both doing a great job on the commercial side.

Paul Oakenfold will be playing Cream at Nation in Liverpool on Saturday 11 October 2014. Tickets are available via: