DT8 Project – Forever In A Day

Release artwork

It is always with some trepidation that you receive a new record from a producer you appreciate and admire. What if you can’t find anything to like in the new track? What if it is just a rehash of earlier work? What if it is plain and simple a dud? So I was nervously excited when I discovered the new Darren Tate track.

I need not have worried. DT8 – Forever In A Day is – quite simply – one of Darren Tate’s finest records. It evokes the best vocal trance from the past while sounding utterly contemporary. It is unmistakably Darren Tate while placing itself amongst other vocal trance from the likes of Aly & Fila and Giuseppe Ottaviani. It may have taken a long time to create but it is definitely worth the wait. This one is really something special.

There are remixes from the likes of Nima van Ghavim, Mark Nails, Azotti and Koishii & Hush vs. Ric Scott. But my favourite is the club mix – driving, ethereal, emotional – just wait until you hear it.

DT8 – Forever In A Day is forthcoming on Mondo Records.


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