Zane Lowe has announced that he is leaving BBC Radio 1 to move to a new job with Apple in the US.  This will be a huge loss to the audience and the station.

It was rather disappointing to learn that the station controllers have decided that his slot will be taken over by just one presenter.  This means that the peak evening hours Monday through to Friday will be hosted by one person.

This seems to be a rather narrow minded editorial decision.  Can it really be healthy for just one presenter to dominate the airwaves of a radio station to such an extent no matter how good they are at their job?  Does it reflect the wide range of musical diversity to have one person influencing the choice of tracks played every night?

There are lots of presenters with a huge passion for music who are looking to share their enthusiasm with a wider audience.  Radio 1 should have cast its net wider to harness a greater diversity of talent and reflect a more ambitious range of music.  The BBC is funded by a compulsory licence fee and has a responsibility to cater to as broad an audience as possible.  This represents an opportunity missed.