Time for a dance music revival

There is an interesting article on the Mixmag website about the 100 highest earning nightclubs in America.

Mixmag have taken the figures from a feature in Forbes magazine claiming that the top 10 clubs in the US have a combined income of at least $550m.

Much like Europe, America has suffered from the downturn in the global economy since 2008 but dance music fans are clearly still going clubbing.

The same cannot be said of the UK where numerous big name nightclubs have suffered from a lack of attendance and many have closed.

Could this have anything to do with the lack of dance music on national radio and the sidelining of shows supporting the genre?

It is interesting to note that one of the most well-respected names in dance music who hosted one of the most famous programmes on national radio in the UK – Pete Tong – is now mostly based in the US.

The current crop of radio presenters don’t appear to support dance music or seem particularly interested in encouraging people to go to nightclubs and dance.

And in radio playlist meetings no one dare mention EDM such is the snobbish attitude to the genre.

There also appears to have been a lack of creativity in night clubbing which might have contributed to the decline.  The venues in America host DJs who put on a real show, performers who entertain the crowd on the dance floor and pyrotechnics which make the event more akin to a theatrical performance than some of the bland nights audiences have experienced in the UK.

It is time for something new.

TheEDMblog is calling for a revival of dance music, an increase in the number of radio shows and presenters promoting the genre and the return of exciting creative night clubbing in the UK.


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