The American DJ and producer has announced he will be donating thousands of dollars of Pioneer music equipment to local youth centres during his Full Flex Express Tour through Canada.

The Tour will incorporate various opportunities for children to explore and experiment with music.  Kids will be invited to the soundcheck rehearsal for each stop on the tour and a local youth centre will receive two CDJ2000s and DJM 900 mixer.

In addition, proceeds from ticket sales will help build a music school in South Africa via an initiative with Bridges for Music.  This non profit organisation gathers key players in the music industry to support responsible development and make a positive impact in disadvantaged communities helping to raise global awareness about local issues through music.

Supporters outside Canada can become involved via Bridges for Music crowd funding page and donations offer the opportunity to win a full VIP trip to see Skrillex at any of his shows in North America as well as other merchandise.

To find out more about Bridges for Music visit their website.