The @TheSunClubz column has published an interview with Dutch dj and producer Armin van Buuren.

During the interview he says: “The UK crowd has always been living and breathing dance music.  They truly do appreciate the music.”

It seems something of a shame then that this passion for the genre is not reflected in the output of UK national radio stations.

Dance music, EDM and particularly trance have long been dirty words which can’t be mentioned in editorial meetings at many radio stations.

Surely, networks which are paid for by everyone – such as BBC Radio 1 and BBC Radio 2 – should reflect the diverse interests of the audience and feature dance tracks among the records they play on a regular basis?

Shouldn’t there also be more shows dedicated to the wide variety of dance music featuring everything from disco to house, hard house to rave, trance and beyond?

Van Buuren has been presenting his A State Of Trance show on Dutch radio for 14 years and it has an enormous audience worldwide.  Unfortunately, BBC Radio 1 cancelled the hugely popular shows by dance music pioneers such as Judge Jules and Dave Pearce leaving Pete Tong as the only remaining stalwart for the genre.

This lack of exposure for dance music on the UK national airwaves has seen audiences stop listening to stations and move to the internet to find their ‘fix’.  It has also negatively affected nightclubs and festivals.  If audiences don’t listen to dance music during the week they won’t go out at the weekend and pay to hear it.

And yet the passion for the genre in the UK remains but it takes a Dutch DJ to highlight the fact.

So this is a call to the Presenters, Producers and Senior Executives on the UK national radio stations to not be afraid.  Play more dance music!  Your audiences love it.