The new track Liberté is a collaboration between dj and producer Dave Pearce, Ben Hennessy and Russian musician Sensi.  It is the third release on new label Delirium Recordings and is now available via Beatport.

In the first of three interviews with the producers TheEDMblog spoke to Dave Pearce about his career and the inspiration behind the track.

What have you been up to so far in 2015?

A big deal for me this year was setting up my new record label Delirium Recordings.  In the summer I took a break from dj-ing to try and get a bit more fit and healthy.  I also had time to start playing around with ideas for new productions in the studio.

I’ve also been working with Warners on a new album called Dave Pearce 90s Dance Anthems which looks back at some massive tunes from one of the most exciting decades in dance music.  It has been interesting trying to make exciting new music while putting together an album of 60 tracks that I either had a hand in breaking or worked on with the artists at the time.

At the moment I’m busy on the road dj-ing.

Was it difficult to get permission from Polaroid to create your rework of So Damn Beautiful?

So Damn Beautiful was a record that I had loved and so it was always in my mind to one day do something with it.  The only contact I had was with one of the original members of Polaroid.  Lee gave me his blessing but then I had to deal with publishers and rights holders so the legal thing took a few months but we got there in the end.  I was very appreciative of the plays from legends like Armin van Buuren, Ferry Corsten, Markus Schulz and Paul Oakenfold.

How did this new track come about?

Sensi made contact about doing something together after I had supported one of his tracks.  We got chatting via Twitter and he had the great idea of the rich melody while I wanted to do something with a dirty twisted bass so the two elements kind of came together.  Ben came up with the idea of calling it Liberté as we had been working with a designer in Ukraine while we were collaborating with Sensi in Russia.  We were all united – despite the world political landscape – with a freedom to make music and share our ideas together.  Obviously, the title took on a poignant meaning after the events in Paris committed by people who don’t believe in freedom and despise music as it unites people.

What prompted you to start your new Delirium Recordings label?

I had spent years signing other peoples’ tracks at various labels but I wanted to have a vehicle to express my own musical ideas and find some up-and-coming producers to support on the way.  Because we are just a small digital label we don’t have to worry about sales and overheads so it is a labour of love.  I am really getting back into trance and trancey vibes right now so this is a good opportunity to express that side of my life.

What are your main events over the next few months?

I’m making a documentary for the BBC which will air in the New Year.  Also, I’m looking forward to playing Trance Sanctuary at The Egg in Lonon on New Year’s Day alongside Alex M.O.R.P.H and Scott Bond.  There are also a couple of festivals already in the diary for 2016.

In the next interview Russian producer Sensi talks about his musical inspirations and which artists he rates.