Following the release of his new collaboration with Dave Pearce and Ben Hennessy, Russian dj and producer Sensi gives an insight into how hard he works and which artists he rates.

What have you been up to so far in 2015?

This year was rich with good things.  I received some good support, feedback and inspiration from Judge Jules, Sick Individuals, Max Vangeli, Paul Oakenfold and many others.  

This year was also very productive.  I created a lot of music including Amnesty (with Sean Angel), Size (with Eez) and this new track with Ben Hennessy & Dave Pearce.

But the most important thing I tried to do throughout the year is improve the quality of my music.  I watched tutorials, master classes and read forums on sites such as Future Music and Music Radar.  DJ and producer Laidback Luke has been helping me a lot.  I’m always trying to find time to sit with a laptop and write down my ideas in a notebook.

When did you start working with Dave and Ben on this new track?

In August I released a track with Sky 9 called Unity.  Dave played the track on his show 3 times and Ben supported it as well.  I was very impressed and honoured!

I made contact with them and asked whether they had any time to make something together.  They said yes!  I looked at every project I was working on but couldn’t find the right one.

Then I came up with a simple melody and it spun!  We started to exchange ideas via Skype with Dave and Ben in one studio and me working at home in Russia.  Overall, it was a great experience working with professionals and now we are friends.

Which Russian musicians do you rate at the moment?

The best of all time is Arty.  His story is an inspiration for every musician.  His talent is unlimited and his new album just WOW!  I like how Matisse & Sadko are developing as well as Swanky Tunes and Shapov.  It is difficult to identify just one or two artists.  They are all awesome!

How is the trance scene in Russia?

It is not as popular in clubs as I would like!  But there are 2 festivals which really save trance in Russia: Trancemission Festival by Radio Record and Personally by Feel.  They both book good artists.  Also, Armin comes to Russia a few times per year.

What are your future plans?

First of all I will try to develop the quality of my music and take it to another level.  I also have plans to buy a powerful new PC and speakers because at the moment I’m using a laptop and headphones.  It is pretty good but I want more!  I have lots of tracks signed and awaiting release – some with Ben Hennessy and some solo.  I can’t wait to share them!

Sensi, Dave Pearce & Ben Hennessy’s latest track, Liberté, is available now on Delirium Recordings via Beatport.