Over the last few months Ben Hennessy has been working with dj and producer Dave Pearce and Russian musician Sensi on a new track called Liberté.  It is his third release on new label Delirium Recordings.

Ben kindly took time away from his busy production schedule to answer some questions for TheEDMblog.

How did you become involved in music?

I have always had a great passion for all genres of music.  I’ve also experimented with playing piano, the guitar and drums – anything which has a nice tone.

When did you start your career as a producer?

I’m lucky enough to earn a living producing and engineering music.  I would say a career starts the minute you start actually earning money from what you do.

With which artists have you collaborated?

The list is long!  I’ve done tracks with the likes of Judge Jules, Jan Johnston, Sensi and – of course – Dave Pearce.  I have also released music under other alias.

Have you played many events?

Loads!  Although over the last year I’ve spent most of my time in the studio.

What are you future plans?

To continue creating and releasing the music that I love!

Ben Hennessy, Dave Pearce & Sensi’s latest collaboration, Liberté, is available now on Beatport.