New poll finds consumers accept low quality sound

Computer speakers with low sound quality are now the most common way Britons listen to music according to new research by global intelligence firm Strategy Analytics.

Fifty-one percent of respondents said the most popular way to hear music is via built-in speakers on desktops and laptops followed by stand alone radios (43%) and headphones connected to portable devices such as mobile phones (41%).


“Music’s focus over the past decade has been about usability and convenience – being able to get it on as many devices as possible – whilst sound quality has been largely ignored or forgotten in this race to portability,” says David Watkins, Director of Home Connected Devices at Strategy Analytics.

“It has bred a generation of listeners who’ve never really known what it’s like to listen to high quality sound and, consequently, is already sounding the death knell for the likes of the hi-fi system.”

Strategy Analytics conducted an online survey in September 2015 of 842 UK adults aged 18-65 who listen to music.


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