The Lapsed Clubber Heritage Map project aims to create a truly interactive map of the Manchester clubbing scene.

Led by Dr Beate Peter, a social researcher at Manchester Metropolitan University, the project will be launched at a special event at 70 Oxford Street on 10 June.

Lapsed clubbers will be able to write text or record audio clips reminiscing about the music, fashion, clubs, bars and friendships created over the decade 1985-1995. These will be merged with existing musical artefacts held by the Manchester District Music Archive to create a fully interactive map of the clubbing landscape of the era.

Following reunions of famous club nights Havok, Megadog and Herbal Tea Party, Dr Peter believes there is an appetite among lapsed clubbers to tell their story and dispel popular misconceptions about rave.

“We are all familiar with the Hacienda and terms like Acid House and Madchester but little is known about the people on the dancefloors as they had no platform to share their experiences at the time,” she says.

“This map will celebrate the community at the heart of that scene and what it is like to grow up and grow old with rave culture in Manchester. It will help reshape public opinion as well as be a lasting historial document of an important phase in modern British cultural history.”

The completed map will be revealed during the Manchester Histories Festival in 2018.

Follow the project on Twitter @LapsedClubber