Groundbreaking dance music show returns to UK radio


The pioneering dance music show which gave many current artists their first big break is returning to UK radio.

Dance Anthems, presented by Dave Pearce, will feature classic tracks from the 90s and 00s as well as new music.

Pearce was part of the original Kiss 100 team and hosted Dance Anthems on BBC Radio 1 for over 10 years. During this time he championed the emerging sound of trance and laid the foundations for the huge success of EDM in the UK.

“I’m pleased to be bringing back my authentic Dance Anthems show to listeners in the UK. There really is a huge demend in clubs and festivals right now for the exciting dance music from the 90s and 00s, much of which I was lucky enough to help break first time round with my original Dance Anthems show,” commented Pearce.

“I’m also looking forward to spinning a few new tracks that are huge in the clubs for me right now but are often not getting the exposure they deserve on other UK stations.”

The new show will air on MKFM in Milton Keynes and The Beat in Brighton, Birmingham and Norwich as well as stations yet to be announced.


BBC Proms

It was absolutely fantastic to see the BBC Proms celebration of dance music broadcast on 29 July 2015.

But why is it only a one-off celebration?

From the response on the night and over the following days on social media it seems there is a massive audience for dance music.

And yet there are no dance music shows on BBC Radio 1, 2 or 6 Music and almost no shows dedicated to the genre on national commercial radio.

It was hugely refreshing to hear classic tracks by Eric Prydz, Shapeshifters, Robert Miles, Daft Punk and Faithless – although a shame they left out the wonderful Chicane.

But there are new as yet undiscovered music producers who have no way of finding an audience for their work because there are no radio shows dedicated to dance music.

As has been stated before this lack of exposure to dance music on UK national airwaves has seen audiences stop listening to stations and negatively affected nightclubs and festivals.

So, once again, is calling on presenters, producers and senior executives on UK national radio stations to not be afraid. Please play more dance music, create more dance shows, discover new presenters who are passionate about the genre, and showcase more up-and-coming as well as established artists. There is a market for it and your audiences will love it.



The @TheSunClubz column has published an interview with Dutch dj and producer Armin van Buuren.

During the interview he says: “The UK crowd has always been living and breathing dance music.  They truly do appreciate the music.”

It seems something of a shame then that this passion for the genre is not reflected in the output of UK national radio stations.

Dance music, EDM and particularly trance have long been dirty words which can’t be mentioned in editorial meetings at many radio stations.

Surely, networks which are paid for by everyone – such as BBC Radio 1 and BBC Radio 2 – should reflect the diverse interests of the audience and feature dance tracks among the records they play on a regular basis?

Shouldn’t there also be more shows dedicated to the wide variety of dance music featuring everything from disco to house, hard house to rave, trance and beyond?

Van Buuren has been presenting his A State Of Trance show on Dutch radio for 14 years and it has an enormous audience worldwide.  Unfortunately, BBC Radio 1 cancelled the hugely popular shows by dance music pioneers such as Judge Jules and Dave Pearce leaving Pete Tong as the only remaining stalwart for the genre.

This lack of exposure for dance music on the UK national airwaves has seen audiences stop listening to stations and move to the internet to find their ‘fix’.  It has also negatively affected nightclubs and festivals.  If audiences don’t listen to dance music during the week they won’t go out at the weekend and pay to hear it.

And yet the passion for the genre in the UK remains but it takes a Dutch DJ to highlight the fact.

So this is a call to the Presenters, Producers and Senior Executives on the UK national radio stations to not be afraid.  Play more dance music!  Your audiences love it.


DJ Gilles Peterson

BBC 6 Music DJ Gilles Peterson has partnered with Air New Zealand to launch an exclusive radio show.

It will be broadcast to Air New Zealand’s Business Premier passengers flying the daily service from London to Los Angeles.

LON/LAX FM will showcase the eclectic music scenes on both sides of the Atlantic.

“London, for me, is still the most important and influential place in the world, without a question,” says Peterson.

“The music scene in LA is one of the most interesting and diverse around at the moment; it has amazing history which continues to influence the new talent coming through today. The show I put together features some of the best LA has to offer right now, giving passengers on board a real taste of what to expect when they touch down,” he explains.

In the first show, Peterson plays tracks by London Grammar, Flying Lotus and Little Dragon and speaks to American composer and producer Adrian Younge about his influences from the London and Los Angeles music scenes.

Gilles Peterson explains more about the programme in this video on YouTube: