TheEDMblog – top 10 tracks – September 2017


Ten of the best tracks around at the moment as chosen by TheEDMblog:

  1. Klaas – Together (Chris Gold remix) (Soundz Good)
  2. Dean Mickoski & Roland Clark – Red Light (Subliminal Soul)
  3. TILT ft. Ruby Turner – Deeper In Love (Perfecto House)
  4. Stoneface & Terminal present Gundamea – The Moment Before (Electronic Elements)
  5. Valer den Bit – Viento (Danny Oliveira remix) (Timeless Moment)
  6. Mike Tohr – Magnolia (Electronic Elements)
  7. Harper & Green – Aratoro (Rolo Green remix) (Perfecto Black)
  8. Above & Beyond ft. Zoë Johnston – My Own Hymn (Anjunabeats)
  9. Farius – Ellipse (Statement! Recordings)
  10. Dogzilla – Without You (Will Atkinson remix) (Who’s Afraid OF 138?!)

The new TILT track is a thing of quality.

The Moment Before is a wonderful new sound from Stoneface & Terminal.

And Rolo Green is producing some excellent remixes so check out Aratoro.

Enjoy the music!


TheEDMblog – top 10 tracks – July 2017


Ten of the best tracks around at the moment as chosen by TheEDMBlog:

  1. Oxen Butcher ft. Bonnie Rabson – I Wish I Knew How It Would Feel To Be Free (Flashover Recordings)
  2. Roger Shah & Inger Hansen – Castles In The Sky (Magic Island Records)
  3. Freejak – Jamaica (Somn’thing Records)
  4. Alan Walker ft. Gavin James – Tired (Axollo remix) (Relentless)
  5. Tenishia ft. Jonathan Mendelsohn – Sun Comes Again (Armada Music)
  6. Ilan Bluestone ft. Giuseppe De Luca – Frozen Ground (Spencer Brown remix) (Anjunabeats)
  7. Talisman & Hudson – Leaving Planet Earth (Perfecto)
  8. Estiva – Unowa (Statement!)
  9. Heavens Cry – Voices (Who’s Afraid Of 138?!)
  10. Solarstone vs Scott Bond – 3rd Earth (Scott Bond & Charlie Walker Rebooted remix) (Who’s Afraid Of 138?!)

Check out the wonderful summer tune by Oxen Butcher!

The new version of Castles In The Sky is quality.

And the Talisman & Hudson is a beauty.

Enjoy the music!

TheEDMblog – top 10 tracks – June 2017


Ten of the best tracks around at the moment as chosen by TheEDMBlog:

  1. Orsa – From Whence We Came (Perplexity Music)
  2. Dirty South ft. ANIMA – I Swear (Dirty South remix) (Anjunabeats)
  3. Jerome Isma-Ae & Alastor – Wilde (JEE Productions)
  4. Sonny Noto – Fluteria (Black Lizard Recordings)
  5. Riton – Money (Lagos VIP remix) (Ministry of Sound)
  6. Archive X – Drink The Water (Dr Kucho club mix) (LoEx Music)
  7. John Bounce – Future (Future Soundz)
  8. Brendan Mills – Play Me (Buffalo Beats)
  9. Ruslan Radriges & Cari – Follow The Sun (Statement! Recordings)
  10. Alexander Popov & LR – Clarity (Armada Music)

A good month for music.

The track by Orsa is stunning.

Fluteria, Money and Drink The Water are great fun.

And the Alexander Popov is a wonderful piece of trance.

Enjoy the music!

TheEDMblog – top 10 tracks – April 2017


Ten of the best tracks around at the moment as chosen by TheEDMBlog:

  1. ATB ft. Robbin & Jonnies with F51 – Message Out To You (Armada Music)
  2. Mario Ochoa – Valencia (Undr The Radr)
  3. Damien S ft. Molly Bancroft – Soaking Up The Sky (Zak Rush remix) (Above All Records)
  4. Junoclarc – Love Brand New (Subliminal)
  5. Jordy Eley – Elevate (Black Sunset Music)
  6. Frainbreeze & Lucid Blue – World Of Nothing (Suanda Base)
  7. Conjure One ft. Hannah Ray – Kill The Fear (Farius remix) (Armada Music)
  8. Nic Toms – Dream Big (Statement!)
  9. Whiteout – Airlines (Eximinds Airlines)
  10. JES & Game Chasers – Carry Me Away (Markus Schulz remix) (Magik Muzik)

The new ATB track is great.

Zak Rush has done an excellent job on the Soaking Up The Sky remix.

And the Nic Toms is a big record in every way.

Enjoy the music!

TheEDMblog – top 10 tracks – March 2017


Ten of the best tracks around at the moment as chosen by TheEDMblog:

  1. Evgeny Lebedev & Djiva – Beam Of Light (Black Hole Recordings)
  2. VAHNI ft. Kemi Sulola – Take You There (Electronic Elements)
  3. NekliFF – Moonlight (Timeless Moment)
  4. Junoclarc & Erick Morillo ft. Ora Solar – Don’t Belong (Subliminal)
  5. Ashley Wallbridge ft. KARRA – Undiscovered (Armada)
  6. Jeremy Vancaulart ft. Holly Drummond – Let Go (Black Sunset Music)
  7. Jack Lawnder – Lounge (We Love Techno)
  8. LUC ONE – In My Head (Musical Madness)
  9. Arnej – They Still Need Us (Be Change Records)
  10. REVKIN – The Journey (InToneNation Records)

The standard of music this month is very high.

Great stuff from the likes of NekliFF, Ashley Wallbridge, Jeremy Vancaulart and LUC ONE.

The track by Jack Lawnder is very tasty.

Arnej always creates music which is indefinable and exciting.

And The Journey by REVKIN is something very special indeed.

Enjoy the music.

TheEDMblog – top 10 dance tracks – November 2016

People dancing at the Eden Closing Party 2006

Ten of the best tracks around at the moment as chosen by TheEDMblog:

  1. Above & Beyond pres. OceanLab – Another Chance (Anjunabeats)
  2. Eco – Darkness Into Light (Black Hole Recordings)
  3. Mike Tohr & Jonas Johannes – Napthali (Subjekt Recordings)
  4. Tough Love & S-Man ft. Boy George – Hold On (Get Twisted)
  5. CiDiAN – Open Your Eyes (Statement!)
  6. Flynthe – Uweya (Statement!)
  7. Armin van Buuren – Hymne (Martin Roth remix) (Armind)
  8. Not Andrew & Alain Ducroix – John Lover (DeepRock mix) (Magic Island Records)
  9. Human Resource – Dominator (Vanderweijde & Fijne Vent remix) (Armada Deep)
  10. Tim Mason – The Light (Doorn Records)

Above & Beyond producing as OceanLab create another lovely record.

Eco delivers a quality track.

Boy George sounds great on Hold On.

And Statement! Recordings deliver two absolutely fantastic tunes.

Check them out and enjoy!

TheEDMblog – top 10 dance tracks – May 2016

Ten of the best tracks around at the moment as chosen by TheEDMblog:

  1. Sebastian Davidson – Should Love You (Armada Chill)
  2. A Alvarez ft. Lord Gough – Dollars & Gold (Hyper White)
  3. LANY – Where The Hell Are My Friends (Polydor)
  4. Richard Ashcroft – Hold On (Cooking Vinyl)
  5. Arcade 82 & JazzyFunk – Different Man (Sleazy Deep)
  6. Limerant – Luca (Statement! Recordings)
  7. Armin van Buuren ft. BullySongs – Freefall (Armada)
  8. Boom Jinx & Soundprank ft. Katrine Stenbekk – We Know (Anjunabeats)
  9. Estiva – Overwatch (Statement! Recordings)
  10. Dumont & Wagener – Anakonda (Dear Deer Records)

Statement! Recordings have 2 entries on the list this month. The Estiva track is outstanding and a guaranteed winner.


TheEDMblog – top 10 dance tunes – April 2016


Here are 10 EDMblog favourites:

  1. Jus Jack – Stargazing (Mapa extended remix) (The Bearded Man)
  2. Alan Walker – Faded (Pink Panda remix) (White Label)
  3. Dreamell ft. James Gicho – Deeper (Makkan remix) (Cub Sweden)
  4. Luca Perra – Rock The Discotheque (Musical Madness)
  5. Hal Stucker – Moda (Statement Recordings!)
  6. Kyau & Albert – About The Sun (Anjunabeats)
  7. Cosmic Gate – So Get Up (Alex Di Stefano remix) (Wake Your Mind Records)
  8. Sleepy & Boo – Acceptance (Original mix) (3Bridge Records)
  9. Chris Bekker & Farius – London Sunrise (Vandit Records)
  10. Reeson – Chords Of Life (Pure Trance Recordings)

The Pink Panda crew make another appearance in the top 10 tunes with another great remix.

Kyau & Albert return with an excellent track.

And the Chris Bekker & Farius record is outstanding.

You can hear some of these tracks played during the Secrets show on Mixcloud.


TheEDMblog – Top 10 dance tracks – October 2015


Ten current EDMblog favourites:

  1. Chicane – Ibiza Beeps (Modena Records)
  2. Simeon – Morning Light (Future Soundz)
  3. Pierce Fulton ft. JHart – Landmines (Armada Music)
  4. Latroit x Fawks – Just Do That (Vicious Bitch)
  5. Boom Jinx & Meredith Call – Bring Me Back Around (Original mix) (Anjunabeats)
  6. Dimix ft. Amy Kirkpatrick – Started A Fire (ProjeKt B remix) (Glamour Punk)
  7. NoMosk ft. Cari – Don’t Hold Back (Suanda Music)
  8. Up & Forward – Aquamarine (The Orange Rocket Jump remix) (Mondo Records)
  9. Dave Pearce & Ben Hennessy – Insane (Delirium Recordings)
  10. Monoverse – Supercell (Future Sound of Egypt Excelsior)

There is some great music around this month.

Chicane delivers his classic unique sound with Ibiza Beeps.

The Simeon and Pierce Fulton tracks are uplifting guitar based records.

The vocal on the Dimix track is stunning.

If you like vocal trance check out the NoMosk track. It is absolutely guaranteed to get your hands in the air and your feet dancing.

The Dave Pearce & Ben Hennessy record is banging and forthcoming on the new Delerium Recordings label.

And the Monoverse is a fantastic slab of stonking trance.

Enjoy the music!

The EDMblog – Top 10 dance tracks – June 2015


Want to hear some of the best records around at the moment? Here is a selection of current EDMblog favourites:

1.   Above & Beyond – Piece of Mind (Myon & Shane54 Summer of Love mix) (Anjunabeats)
2.   Chicane ft. Paul Aiden – Oxygen (DC Remix) (Modena Records)
3.   Myon & Shane54 – Wicked Game (Ride Recordings)
4.   Leona Lewis – Fire Under My Feet (Steve Pitron & Max Sanna remix) (Island Records)
5.   Eric Prydz – Generate (Kölsch remix) (Pryda Recordings)
6.   Pol Ayke – Legend of Vedra (Southside Recordings)
7.   Ken Loi & Marcio Lama – Lions (Showland Records)
8.   Francois Trovero & Axwanging – Spartan (White Label)
9.   Party Killers & Syskey – Flame (VOID Records)
10. Johnny Yono – Lucid Eyes (Perfecto Fluoro)

The remix of the Chicane track is outstanding.

Steve Pitron and Max Sanna have done a great job on the Leona Lewis track.

And the Johnny Yono record is included because it is quite simply one of the best trance tracks you are likely to hear.

If you want something a bit more banging check out the excellent Ken Loi & Marcio Lama, Francois Trovero and Axwanging and Party Kills & Syskey tracks.

Enjoy the music!