Dave Pearce celebrates the golden era of trance


The creator of one of the UK’s best known and well loved dance music radio shows has compiled a new album celebrating the golden era of trance.

Dave Pearce was the host of BBC Radio 1’s Dance Anthems during a period when it received acclaim from dance fans around the country and pioneered the emerging sound of trance.

Without his support and the huge number of dance music fans reached by the show many of today’s household names might never have found an audience.

The new three CD mix compilation features tracks well known to passionate dance fans including Paul van Dyk – For An Angel, Faithless – We Come One, Robert Miles – Children, Binary Finary – 1999 and Chicane – Saltwater.

In addition, there are lesser known tracks which have featured in Pearce’s specialist trance sets at events including Trance Sanctuary at The Egg in Kings Cross and The Gallery at Ministry of Sound in south London. These include Orkidea – Beautiful, ATN – Miss A Day and The Mystery – Fever.

“It’s been a labour of love putting this mix collection together,” says Pearce.

“It has brought back so many wonderful memories like watching 50,000 clubbers go completely nuts to Mauro Picotto – Lizard when I dropped it at the infamous Millennium Dome Ministry of Sound rave.”

“I will never forget the sense of anticipation when I first played OceanLab – Satellite at the Escape in Swansea after I signed it to my NuLife label.”

“Other fond memories include appearing in the video for Push – The Legacy at my night at Eden in Ibiza, giving Tiesto his first live BBC Radio 1 dj set and playing tunes like the beautiful Yahel – Devotion at Ministry of Sound.”

“This really was an incredible era to be a dj and clubber. The sense of euphoria and togetherness in the big trance nights was overwhelming. It is sad to see the state of the British club scene today. Give me somebody going nuts with a glowstick on a podium over somebody shuffling in a corner on their mobile phone any day!”

Dave Pearce Trance Anthems will be released on Friday 30 March 2018 as a CD, digital download and via streaming services such as Apple Music and Spotify.

For further information about Pearce’s live events visit: http://www.davepearce.co.uk.


Group Therapy with Above & Beyond

Above & Beyond Group Therapy radio show logo

Trance Around The World is no more.  Now it is all about Group Therapy. 

“Group Therapy describes the relationship between us, our music and our audience and the magic that happens when they interact.  Our radio show is our biggest weekly interaction with our fans.  It is global Group Therapy,” say Above & Beyond about the renaming of their hugely successful show. 

The final episode of TATW will be broadcast live from Jayamahal Palace in Bangalore, India, on 10 November 2012 and will be a 6 hour event featuring Anjunabeats artists such as Mat Zo, Andrew Bayer, Norin & Rad and Jody Wisternoff. 

From Friday 16 November Above & Beyond will host a new Group Therapy show in their regular 19.00-21.00 time slot “featuring 2 hours of the finest trance and progressive, providing a snapshot of Above & Beyond, Anjunabeats and the electronic scene at large today.” 

You can tune into the live broadcast of TATW450 and ABGT001 from Bangalore in India at www.aboveandbeyond.nu/radio at the following times: 

India – IST (India Standard Time) (GMT+5.5) 4pm – 10pm

London – GMT (GMT) 10:30am – 4:30pm

Europe Mainland – CET (Central European Time) (GMT +1) 11:30pm – 5:30pm

NY – Eastern Standard Time (EST) (GMT -5) 5:30am -11:30am

Chicago – CST (Central Standard Time) (GMT -6) 4:30am – 10:30am

LA – PST (Pacific Time) (GMT -8) 2:30am – 8:30am

Singapore – SGT (Singapore Time) (GMT +8) 6.30pm – 12.30am

Sydney – EDT (Eastern Daylight Time) (GMT +11) 9:30pm – 3:30am 

You can also join the conversation on Twitter using the #ABGT.

New album by Perfect Stranger


Leap Of Faith is a new full-length artist album by Israeli progressive trance artist Perfect Stranger.

The 3 CD package features new original material, unreleased remixes and a live set recorded at Israel’s Indigo Festival.

Label Iboga Records bill the album as “a carefully created musical story of refined dancefloor material by one of the most accomplished producers in the scene. Every sound has a meaning, a blend that defies definitions and is beyond genres.”

Listen to a taster of CD1.

Listen to a taster of CD2.

Buy the album.

New Solarstone album

Pure is a 13 track collection of new music by Solarstone aka Richard Mowatt.

It features musical co-productions with artists such as Aly & Fila, and Giuseppe Ottaviani as well as vocal collaborations with singers including Betsie Larkin, Clare Stagg, Billy McGruddy and Hannah Magenta.

“This album is both a purification and celebration of the term trance. I’m reclaiming it, for all those who just want to dance to music that takes them to another place, for whom this music is a feeling, a passion, a way of life,” comments Mowatt.

After listening to the teaser trailer, I think the particularly notable tracks include Fireisland, Where Do We Go, Falcons and Swansong. If the entire album is as good as these short excerpts I think we are in for a real treat.

Solarstone – Pure is released on 21 May 2012 on Black Hole Recordings. You can pre-order now via iTunes or the SolarShop.

Trance& – ep 17

Trance& logo

During the new episode of Trance& there is music by Terry Da Libra, Myk Bee & Techtrek, Julian Vincent & Shannon Hurley.

There are two special tracks – a lovely vocal one by Neev Kennedy and an awesome Andrew Stets remix of one by Artur Akopov.

The full tracklist is:

Terry Da Libra – Heavenly (Original mix) (Enhanced Progressive)

Neev Kennedy – The Unknown (DNS Project Original mix) (A&R)

Artur Akopov – Starwalker (Andrew StetS remix) (Vendace Records)

Myk Bee & Techtrek – Movement (Original mix) (Balearic Sun Records)

Julian Vincent & Shannon Hurley – Lost In Space (DoubleV remix) (Amsterdam Trance Records)

Thanks to the artists and labels for creating some truly amazing music.

And thanks to the worldwide #trancefamily for downloading and listen to the show. I hope you enjoy it.

An interview with humble and hard-working producer Dimension

Trance producer Dimension

Borja Iglesias, aka Dimension, is a trance producer from Vigo in the northwest region of Galicia in Spain. He has created several notable productions and remixes including the stunning track Once A Day which was used by Ferry Corsten to open his Once Upon A Night compilation. In this interview he spoke about how he became involved in trance and what inspires him to create music with a Balearic vibe.

How did you become involved in trance?

I discovered electronic music production with software I found on a packet of cereal. It was called Top Of The Pops Mix Factory and was great fun. Then, looking for more professional software, I found Techno Maker XXL but finally I fell in love with Fl Studio. I have always loved electronic music but the great feeling and emotion in trance is what makes it different from any other style.

You released your first single in 2009. What was it and how did you manage to get it signed?

Yes – my first single was Longing. While I was trying to improve my music I contacted other musicians, mainly from Spain. I used to chat with Angel Ace who gave me good advice and spoke about his label Only One Records. At the time I had no idea how to manage labels and how they worked in terms of receiving demos. Starting off with Only One was a great option as a first step to getting involved with how labels worked.

After the success of this single you established a link with Paul van Dyk’s Vandit. How did you become involved with the label?

This was one of the happiest things I have known in my career along with the very first time Armin supported one of my tracks on ASOT. Fast Distance asked me to remix his track Big Ben which was signed to Vandit Records. I thought the idea was awesome and I couldn’t say no. I was very lucky when the remix received full support from Paul van Dyk. He played the track on his VONYC Sessions radio show three times and included it on his annual CD compilation. It was a dream come true!

Your music was then featured on various compilations including Roger Shah’s Music for Balearic People. How did you make these links across the industry?

This was another magical success for me. To be part of the best electronic dance music label in the world and work with Roger Shah was incredible. I decided to make tracks with a Balearic vibe because I live in a city on the coast. We also have magnificent islands called Islas Cies so I used them as inspiration. I couldn’t believe that in only my second year in trance music I was signed to Armada Music.

From whom do you take inspiration?

I love all kinds of trance music and I don’t like to focus my music on particular styles. When I begin a new project I never use the same template and I try and make what I feel at that moment. If I like the first idea I develop it.

You recently created a guest mix for Dave Pearce’s Trancecast podcast. Do you have a preference – dj-ing or producing?

I definitely prefer producing music, but these two activities offer different things. It is nice to create something and then use your own songs in your dj sets. It is amazing when people recognise your work and offer feedback, especially the big djs, who are basically my idols. I enjoy producing but I think that dj-ing is more fun and can give you more energy and euphoric moments.

What are you working on at the moment?

I am working on a lot of projects and remixes. I currently have 2 remixes on promo and a new vocal release with Jenry R – which will be on promo soon. I’m very excited about the few vocal projects I’m working on right now. One of them is a collaboration with the singer Arielle Maren, which will be released on Arisa Audio and includes an intro mix and new remixes. Then I have another vocal track with Cami Bradley. This will be very summery so I’m hoping to interest Armada’s Magic Island in signing the track.

Is there a large trance community in Spain?

Unfortunately no! There are a few online communities on Facebook but in the big cities, like Madrid or Barcelona, there are solids group of trance lovers. They do a fantastic job in putting on trance parties such as Harmony and Harmony Deluxe and booking top artists such as Jorn Van Deynhoven, Temple One and Estiva.

What do you enjoy other than listening to and creating music?

I love to play football. I play indoor and 7-a-side football with my friends. One of my other great hobbies is mountain biking. When I am at home I love Formula 1, driving simulator videogames and playing the piano.

What does the future hold?

I’m very hopeful about the future. I think I am working well at the moment but I need to improve and release more important works on the best labels. I would like to dj more around Spain and Europe but I know it is very hard to get bookings so I’m concentrating on making better productions day-by-day.

To listen to Dimension’s beautiful music visit these links:


Trance& – ep 14

Trance& logo

I’m in laid-back mode for the new episode of Trance& while I try a new schedule and format.

Tracks played during episode 14 include:

LTN – Out Of This World (Blugazer remix) (Alter Ego Records)
Hanski – The Ambush (Original mix) (Infra Progressive)
Second Way – Tokyo Samurai (Airsoul remix) (Vendace Records)
Sergey Prosvirin – Starfall (Original mix) (Infinity Records)
Aku & Ghazaly vs Matt Bukovski – Reflections (Ozo Effy remix) (Inov8 Recordings)

I hope you enjoy the show.

If would be great if you could tweet about the podcast to the worldwide #trancefamily.

Thanks for listening.

Trance& – ep 13

Trance& logo

In the latest episode of Trance& there is music by Paul Miller, Jack dB, Stonevalley and Eugene Karnack.

The full tracklist is:

Paul Miller – Classically (Original mix) (Unearthed Records)
Jack dB – Artificial Flavour (Bilal El Aly remix) (Digital Insomnia Recordings)
Digital X – Eden (Right Face remix) (Infrasonic Future)
Stonevalley – Hybrid (Original mix) (Enhanced Recordings)
Steve Bengaln & Daniel Meyer – Illumination Phase 2 (Original mix) (Condura Recordings)
Falcon – Kestrel (Original mix) (Red Force Recordings)
Eugene Karnak – The League (Original mix) (Redux Recordings)
Ehren Stowers – Unity (Original mix) (Alter Ego Records)

Thanks to the #trancefamily for downloading the show. I hope you enjoy episode 13 of the podcast.

Save dance music on UK national radio

Save dance music on UK national radio logo

I’ve previously blogged about the fact that dance music is alive and well and bursting with creativity from all around the world.

And yet recently UK national radio has downgraded the importance of the genre by reducing the tracks played and the number of shows featuring dance music.

I believe this is a huge loss and fails to reflect the diversity of the audience.

I also think there is something missing from our national consciousness if we don’t get to hear uplifting, euphoric dance music on our national radio stations.

It is time to support UK dance music and so I’ve launched a new Facebook campaign.

The aims of the campaign are to persuade UK national radio:

  • To play more dance music
  • To create more dance oriented shows – particularly in prime time
  • To playlist more dance tracks
  • To show respect to dance music radio pioneers as we as nurture new radio presenting talent
  • To play a greater variety of dance music – everything from remixes to hard house to trance
  • To create more opportunities for new and up-and-coming musicians, djs and record labels to reach a wider audience

It would be great if you could show your support for the campaign by liking the page on Facebook, telling your friends and tweeting using #saveukdancemusic.

Trance& – ep 12

The Trance& logo

For the first episode of 2012 this is appropriately the 12th edition of Trance&.

I know I say this regularly but there really is some truly stunning music in the podcast this month. Artists featured include Bushi, Nery, Oldfix and TranzLift.

And there is what I believe to be the first landmark trance track of 2012. I’ve made you wait until the end of the show to hear it but it is well worth the wait. It is by Hendrik Jelsma from the Netherlands and Immersiv from Australia and the remix is by Peet B from Hungary. It is without doubt absolutely stunning.

The full tracklist of the show is:

Bushi – Perfected Moment (Original mix) (Unearthed Red)
Oren – Winds Of Spring (Blue Tente remix) (Abora Recordings)
Nery – Inesquecivel (Soundlift remix) (Abora Recordings)
Oldfix – Waiting Silence (Mike Demirele remix) (Sorcery Records)
Devilect & John Dubs – Flaming Hearts (UCast remix) (Factual Records)
TranzLift – Iris (Seneta remix) (Pulsar Recordings)
Trance Division – Anticipation (Brett Wood remix) (Direct Drive Recordings)
Hendrik Jelsma & Immersiv – Seems To Be (Peet B remix) (Crystal Source Recordings)

There is beautiful trance from all around the world. Thanks for downloading the show. I hope you enjoy it.